Styles change with time, our desires and the effects of society. 

From the antique to the contemporary style, our company offers you a considerable choice of furniture and decoration for your interior. 

The contemporary style offers a variety of trendy materials such as glass, metal and plastic. Its pure and elegant lines know how to seduce us.

Antiques represent a part of our history and always find a place in a home. 

Give new life to a piece of furniture according to your désires, there are so many possibilities, the result is simply magnifient and different. 

The market for antique has lost value, so it is time to consider it even more. 
Take advantage of more than 50% discount on certain antique pièces displayed in our shop and warehouses. 

... Finally, the most important touch, THE DECORATION.

With a variety of unique décorative items, our shop Will allow you to give character to your interior.